Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

I had a pretty nice Easter weekend! Blondie was out of school on Good Friday, so we had lunch together, which was very nice. Then, my boss sent the staff home from work early, which put me in an even better mood! Blondie's church had a revival last week, so I attended church with him on Friday evening. I really enjoyed the speaker.

We spent some time with Blondie's family on Friday evening. His sister took this photo of us with Penny. She is really growing! Blondie has started taking her for walks on her leash and teaching her some tricks. Since there are so many different people who tell her what to do, she is a little confused about who her master is. Blondie hopes that he will find some kind of treat she really likes so he can bribe her into being his biggest fan, rather than running to someone else (who might just play with her instead of making her learn tricks) when he gives her a command.

I went shopping with Julie on Saturday. I needed to find a gift for my cousin's wedding shower next weekend. I think I found some things she will use a lot...if she likes to cook. I also bought a large mirror for my bedroom. If all goes well, it will turn into a nice project to share with you, my loyal readers!

On Saturday evening, I attended the banquet and talent show hosted by the university's international student association. Several of the students who work in my office are members of the organization, and I like to attend the event because people I know are actually participating. There are always lots of interesting new dishes to try and it can be quite an adventure!

I participated in my church's special choir program on Easter Sunday. I'm not really a good singer, but the ladies who stood on either side of me covered up my lack of talent pretty well. After church, I had lunch with Blondie's family at his grandma's house. She cooks lunch for the entire family every Sunday, which is a lot of work, but she went to the extra effort of setting the table with her nice dishes and glasses. She had even made a special dessert of angel food cake with strawberries and homemade ice cream, which is one of Blondie's favorites.

After lunch, we drove to my granny's house to spend the afternoon with my family. It was nice to see all of them because many of them live far away and we don't get to spend a lot of time together. The kiddos enjoyed dyeing and hunting Easter eggs, but most of the adults stayed inside because of the unseasonably warm weather!

Blondie's brother has been pretty sick all weekend and had to go to the emergency room very early yesterday morning. His parents had been up with him for much of the night and all day, so they were running on fumes. Blondie convinced his mother to go to bed and let us look after his brother when we arrived at their house. I think our patient was feeling a little better by bedtime because he joked around and gave me a hard time, which is more like his normal behavior.


anewphelps said...

I love this picture, it turned out so well with genuine smiles and everyones eyes are open! Thanks for helping our family out. I know my parents appreciated it!

Carina said...

I cannot tell you how few pictures I have seen of Blondie actually smiling. So few! This is a great picture. You look lovely!

Anonymous said...

You two are sooooo cute!!!