Thursday, April 15, 2010

Interview with a Vampire

A few weeks ago I interviewed my bestest friend for the blog. I intended to post it with an old photo of us. However I can't seem to remember to get a photo when I am near my old photos. Alas, you're getting a plain ole' interview, sans photo. Maybe someday we will do walk down memory lane, photo post style, but for now we're going to stick with just the interview. She's the funnest person I know, and next time she has a lame adventure, I'm so making her do a guest blog. So here we go!

How did we become super best friends?
I believe it began in the fall of 1996, when neither of us were in gym so we had to sit in the bleachers and watch. Over many a game of Guess Who? I suppose we bonded. It may have been later, but that's when we first became friends.

What was your favorite of our lame adventures?
I don't know that I have a favorite! I remember all the stupid crap we did in high school, once we both got cars and started thinking we were cool. Maybe our Jeepers Creepers night where we got terrified and drove back to your house pretending we weren't...and wasn't that the same time we built the house of cards? We were definitely awesome!

Who is your favorite superhero?
Hm. Pac Man. Mainly because he looks like cheese. And you know I LOVE cheese.

Can you thin of any adventures we had that weren't lame?
Hehe. Well, none of them were lame, since we're so badass. Though the country concert at the casino may have been a little lame...

What was your favorite park and/or driving around town photo that we took?
It would probably be the one of the Bug house. Mainly because of the story behind it, not the photo itself. If I were to pick a specific photo that is awesome as a stand alone, it'd probably have to dunking at the park. Mainly because it proves how awesome of a basketball player you are, which I feel captures your true essence. And because, as we both know, 'basketball is life' and if you aren't good at it, you will never achieve anything in your entire life.
[note: I looked for this dunking photo and couldn't find'll have to live under the assumption I actually dunked a basketball]

What was your inspiration for your nursing home "Everybody Dance Now" dance?
Probably the song, "Everybody Dance Now." If that's its REAL name...and the fact that I could easily get you and D. to do just about anything if I was hyper enough. My dance was more of an explanation of how insane you must be to want to work doubles every weekend at a nursing home. It definitely made the work day go by a little quicker...and more entertaining!

I can be your hero, Baby!
I can kiss away the pain, OH YEAH!

What is your favorite random quote/made up saying we have used over the years?
Hm?!-Though we actually stole that from SNL, I love it. And I still use it. Other than that, bustacious was pretty interesting. And pretty accurate. I'm sure there are more, but feeling like I'm on the spot makes it hard to remember them all!

What would you do if you got in an elevator and there was a guy in a coconut bra and grass skirt standing there?
Well, if it was today, I would seriously consider groping his coconut boob. But I'm pretty sure back then we just laughed quietly.


Do you think we will still be having lame adventures when we are 80?
Yes, I certainly do. I just hope my back doesn't go ouy when Everybody is Dancing Now. That would make it hard for me to hold my grandchildren, or change my Depends.

Juice, Snoop. Juice goes with gin.

There ya go, a little insight into who I was lame with in high school. Well, we're still lame, but now I feel a bit less open to judgement for it. Now we embrace our lame-ness!


Lisa said...

1. Thank you for cleaning up the language for our PG-13 audience. Because I KNOW you did.

2. Safety first, danger last. Or not at all.

Julie K. said...

1. I didn't! Because N is awesome like that.

2. But if it has to be, then it's last.