Monday, April 26, 2010

Most Room for Improvement

So my golf team was definitely the coolest team at the tournament. If there had been a prize for cool, we would have won it. Instead, we got the prize for the highest score (I think they should call it "most room for improvement"). If you have ever played putt putt, you know that the highest score in a golf tournament isn't a prestigious honor. It didn't bother me, though! Our prize was free green fees! They thought we might want to go practice.

In spite of winning the prize for highest score, I had a great time at the tournament! I had never played an entire 18 holes of golf. It was a lot of fun. The wonderful thing about a scramble-style tournament is that if you don't feel like tracking down your ball that went way out in the weeds, you can just stay in your comfy little golf cart and play whoever's ball is in the best spot. We only lost about six balls using this method.

I'm looking forward to using my free green fees. Maybe our team can get together for practice. We are definitely going to need it before next year, but I'm not sure one time will be enough. I don't think anyone was even close to "beating" our score. However I'm not sure anyone else had quite as much fun as we did.


Lilibeth said...

Hey a day out in the fresh air and sunshine...who cares about the competition part of it?

Kelsie said...

I am SO proud of you and your team! I know you would have done way better had it not been so windy!