Monday, May 17, 2010

Cooking With Gas

Summer is quickly approaching, and that means it is grilling season! Blondie loves cooking outside and I had planned a family get-together at my house for Friday evening, but didn't have a grill. Blondie's birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to surprise him with a shiny new grill. Except the grill really wasn't for his birthday. It was a not-birthday-present. He will get his birthday present on his birthday.

At Christmas, Blondie wasn't quite sure what he should get me. He knew that I needed, and wanted, a new toaster oven. However, he was well aware that a toaster oven is not the right thing to give your girlfriend for Christmas. (He gave me cacti instead...which is also questionable, but at least it is not a kitchen appliance.) He did get me a toaster oven, but he called it a not-Christmas-present. Sneaky.

Well, since it was not Blondie's birthday, this grill is definitely a not-birthday-present. I purchased the grill on Wednesday and Blondie came over on Thursday. He was expecting to eat dinner and watch some Star Trek, but I had other plans.

Before Blondie assembled the grill, he thoroughly read all of the instructions. I have never seen a man do that.

It took a while. We had to borrow some tools. We only had a minor little argument.

But when the grill was assembled, it was beautiful.

Blondie is all about features. Well, let me tell you, this grill has features. Not the least of which include LED lights on the "control panel." Now, these lights serve absolutely no function besides looking cool, but Blondie was impressed.

After the grill was assembled and we verified its functionality, Blondie informed me that we were never cooking burgers inside again.


Carina said...

I am absolutely stunned at how many good pictures you got here! He must have really loved his not-birthday-present to pose for an actual camera this many times!

The grill is amazing! Art will be quite jealous when he sees it, and oh yes, I will show him. =)

Lisa said...

Ha! He actually only posed for one of these photos.

Art has seen the grill; his tools were the ones we borrowed. He was also impressed by the functionless lights. I think men must be drawn in by the allure of LED lights.