Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to Blondie!

Yesterday was Blondie's birthday. It was also his last day of school for the year. He said that he successfully avoided being wished a happy birthday until almost the very end of the day, when another teacher realized it was his birthday and announced it to everyone.

We had a nice dinner last night at my house with his family. Blondie grilled steaks on his new GrillMaster 9000 (his pet name for the grill) and we had angel food cake, strawberries, and vanilla ice cream for dessert. I failed to take any pictures until the meal was over, everyone was gone, and the kitchen was cleaned. The only photo I have to commemorate Blondie's birthday dinner is this lame picture of what's left of the cake. My apologies.

Blondie refuses to tell anyone what type of cake is his favorite. He told me once that his grandma's angel food cake with strawberries and ice cream is one of his favorite desserts, so I have decided that is his favorite cake. Until he tells me otherwise, that's what I'm going to make for all special occasions. And ordinary occasions. So, if angel food cake is, in fact, his favorite, it won't be for long. He'll get tired of it and tell me he likes chocolate.

This next photo is completely unrelated to the rest of this post. I ate some leftovers from lunch for an afternoon snack yesterday and shared what I didn't eat with my pets. I know my mom would adamantly disapprove of me allowing my pets to eat from my real dishes, so don't tell her about this! I always run my dishwasher on the sanitize cycle, so you don' t have to worry about dog slobber if you're ever invited to dinner at my house.

Aren't Roscoe and Maynard adorable sharing the scraps?


Carina said...

You should have turned the cake picture upside down. Then it would have been smiling. =)

Julie K. said...

I'm shocked they are sharing! It must have been some very yummy leftovers.