Friday, May 28, 2010

I Am So Smart

Yesterday I went to lunch at our favorite Fake Chinese place with Blondie, Carina, and her kiddos. After lunch, Blondie and I walked down to the shoe store to find some sandals to replace the ones that Blondie has worn out. When we got back to the car, I hit the unlock button on my flicker (keyless entry) and tried to open my door. It didn't work, so I hit the button again. It still didn't work. At that point, I realized I was trying to unlock the wrong car. Oops!

There were two identical Jeeps parked side by side, only mine was much dirtier and doesn't have flair hanging from the rearview mirror. I just laughed at myself.


Carina said...

I have actually loaded my groceries into the wrong trunk before. The car was exactly the same as mine, and I used the trunk button in the front door. The lack of car seats and general cleanliness and oldladyliness of the car tipped me off pretty quick.