Friday, May 14, 2010


I love it when I go to the kitty pen and find surprises! Last time it was a calf.

Last year, on C. and my anniversary we kept it pretty simple and went to W'Ville (I'm stealing that from Carina) to have supper and get our anniversary gift. Our gift was adorable kittens from one of the families at our church. That was October 20 of last year.

Well, my adorable kittens became teen moms. They aren't even a year old, not even close, and they already have babies. But I love my kitty-babies. They are adorable. About a week ago Gray Stripey Kitty (yes, that's her name) had a pile of five. Then Black Kitty had five more on Saturday evening. So far I think we still have all ten, which is an impressive feat for first time teen mom cats.

I say "I think we still have all ten," because it's kind of hard to tell how many kitty-babies are in the pile. And they are pretty much always in a pile. You can see that everyone in the pile is basically the same color, and they pretty much blend into a pile of grayish-blackish fluff.

Don't you want a kitty-baby of your very own? I will gladly share.


Carina said...

Ha! You've got to watch youngsters these day!

Those are super cute kitties, btw!

Lilibeth said...

I'm allergic to cats, but I do think they are cute.

Glynn said...

Aww I love their white faces and scrunched pink noses! Sadly we don't need any kitty babies!

Brenda Kaye said...

How many are girls and how many are boys? I only like girl cats! Dr. Cox loves for me to get new girl cats cause I take them to him to fix:)

Julie K. said...

I'm not sure how many boys and girls. They are too far back in the Dogloo for me to reach and I'm not crawling in that stinky thing!