Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spring Garden Photos

My gardening photos are appropriately lame for this forum. I must say I think my yard looks pretty nice right now, but you can't tell from the pictures. Recent rains have kept everything green and it hasn't gotten hot enough yet to scorch the leaves of my plants.

It is hard to grow anything on the shady north side of my house, but there is a skinny flower bed along the house on that side. There was a large snowball bush in that flower bed when I moved into the house, but it was disrupting the sidewalk, so I removed it. Since then, that flower bed has been bare. Last year, though, my friend Patti gave me some hostas from her garden and they have thrived there. I planted them on a wet, muddy day last year and I was afriad they wouldn't make it. But they did! They came back this year and look even better.

The south side of my house is not much more hospitable to plant life, but I try. The previous owner of my home planted some hearty bushes that I still have, and I try to accent them with other plants. On the southwest corner of the flower bed, I planted two rose bushes a few years ago. So far this year, they have not done very well, though. Hopefully they will perk up as the summer heats up. I have started some Hyacinth Beans, which I will put on the trellis. Please ignore the ugly t-post. It's so windy here, the trellis has to be attached to something sturdy to keep it from blowing away.

I have planted some Marigolds and Lobelia in front of these evergreen bushes. The summer I moved here, I was surprised to see purple creeping phlox show up. I was not a fan of the creepers and I spend many hours eradicating that stuff. The sun beats down on this area, so I will have to keep these guys watered pretty well. I hope the mulch will help keep them moist.

This is my best area for growing plants. Unfortunately there is no dirt here! This is the southeast corner of my house. It gets nice morning sun and it is shielded from the wind and sun during the hottest part of the day. I start my seedlings in pots here and then move them to their permanent homes once they are established.

On the far left, near the wall I have a pot of herbs I started in my kitchen. I planted basil, parsley, and chives in tiny little pots and set them on my windowsill. Once the were three inches tall, I planted them in this pot and have been tending to them carefully. I hope they will actually produce some decent herbs!

Next are my hyacinth beans. My grandma gave me my first hyacinth bean seeds several years ago and I harvest seeds each year and save them for the next. They always remind me of her. Eventually I will plant these in a larger pot by that trellis and they will completely cover it up (you won't even notice the t-post!). The purple flowers are actually edible, but I have never tried them.

In the little purple pots, I have planted chamomile seeds. They have sprouted, but they aren't big enough to transplant yet.

The two green pots contain sunflowers. I also planted those in tiny pots and placed them in the windowsill for a few weeks and moved them to these pots at the same time as the herbs.

In the front, I have a terra cotta bowl and a gray pot of English Ivy. Those should really be in the shade, but I'm nursing them back to health after being nearly destroyed last year. I'll probably plant them in the back yard later this summer. On the far right, I have a Hen-&-Chicks that has been incredibly hearty. That pot has been there for two years, through all seasons, and the little guy has been just fine. That's my kind of plant!

Blondie is a big fan of tomatoes, so we have planted two tomato plants in pots. I don't really like this lava rock. I don't know of any volcanoes in Oklahoma, so I just think it looks out of place. I would rather have river rock (it would look more appropriate and better complement the color and style of my house), but it would be expensive to replace so I'm living with the lava rock for now.

I also have some other bushes on the east side of my house and on my front porch, but I think this is enough plants for now. I'll post an update later in the summer to show you my progress (or failure)!


Carina said...

Well, you've got my pathetic little garden beat all to pieces. I already know several things I'll be doing differently next year.