Wednesday, June 16, 2010


On Sunday, Blondie's grandmother offered to let us pick the remaining cherries from her cherry trees. We picked about two gallons: enough for two pies. We don't have a cherry pitter, so Blondie spent over an hour Monday afternoon slicing open the cherries and removing the pits.

Surprisingly, he had not made much of a mess in the kitchen. However, when I returned home from work I zeroed in on a sticky spot on the floor between the kitchen and dining room. I said, "what's this on the floor?" and Blondie laughed.

He had seen the spot just moments before and thought to himself, "she'll never notice that!" Apparently one of the cherries had rolled off the table and my cat had mangled it. When Blondie first saw it, he thought Maynard had killed a tiny rodent or a large bug, but on closer inspection, he realized it was a cherry. He picked it up and threw it away but didn't wipe up the sticky mess. He thought I would overlook the sticky spot, but I didn't.

I have eagle eyes when it comes to messes. You can't sneak a little mess by me. I'll see it and obliterate it faster than a barn cat will snatch a crippled mouse.

We did make one tart cherry pie that evening. We ate it after supper and it was pretty tasty with ice cream. We froze the other gallon of cherries. We'll use them for another pie sometime soon.


Carina said...

They're great for cherry juice too. You can add it to pop or club soda or whatever you fancy.

We also use G-ma's sour cherries for Cherry Mousse.

Mary at Deep South Dish said...

Oh lucky you to have all those cherries. Bet that pie was so good!! I love snacking on them myself but if I had that many I would definitely have to buy one of those cherry pitter gadgets. Thanks for stopping by my reunion post on My New 30 the other day - we had a blast!! Everybody got a kick out of that "nail art." :)