Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fabulous California, Day 4

We spent yesterday morning at the fabulous Paramount Theatre where we learned about the history of the lovely art deco movie palace and got to tour the facility. Blondie is a big fan of art deco architecture, so this was a real treat for him! He loved all of the soft, indirect lighting throughout the building and I really enjoyed all of the different furniture.

After touring the theatre, we ate lunch at a great Mexican restaurant, then headed to the Oakland Museum of California. This museum just recently reopened, so we were lucky to get to see it. We saw the history and art exhibits; the natural science section is not yet reopened. We spent the afternoon there, then went back to Justin and Christina's place to rest for a little while before dinner.

Yesterday evening, we had dinner at Tuk Tuk Thai Cafe in Berkeley with a couple of Justin and Christina's friends. We had never eaten Thai food before, so this was a new experience for us. After dinner we returned to Justin and Christina's apartment and watched a very silly movie until way past our bedtime. After the movie, we crashed and this morning we slept in. Christina cooked us a lovely breakfast of waffles and bacon and Blondie and I are headed to Golden Gate Park for the day.


Carina said...

You guys are never going to want to come home. What will poor Roscoe do?

Wherever he is. He escaped when we tried to take him on a walk. =( But we're keeping our eyes out for him and keeping his food bowl and water bowl ready for his return.