Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Today is C's birthday! This is my post about him.

C. is a good boy. He is a hard worker, which irritates me sometimes. But most of the time it makes me happy because it would irritate me more if he were lazy.

He goes through Dr. Pepper and Fritos like no other person I know.
Fortunately for him, he stays skinny with little to no effort.

He tells people that you can remember his birthday because it is the same day as Flag Day. Really, I remember Flag Day because it is the same day as his birthday.

He pretends not to like the kitty babies, but I know he's faking it. He pets them and raves about how adorable they are.

I made the last part of that last one up. But he really does pet them sometimes. Because nobody can resist an adorable little kitten.

His hair really is naturally that color. I think he should have found a pretty girl with blond hair and blue eyes so they could have babies who would grow up to be famous supermodels. Instead he got me.

Happy Birthday!


BKW said...

Excuse me...go look in the mirror! C. did find a pretty girl!

Bonnie said...

Instead of a "famous supermodel" maker, he got the perfect girl for him. I can't imagine who would have suited better!! And you never know, there may still be little supermodels on the way. Someday. "Sigh."
The hard worker thing is inherited, but certainly not from me. Yes it can be irritating, but yes, lazy would be worse.