Friday, June 18, 2010

Herding Cats

I still have kitty babies! We are only missing one kitten out of the original ten. And that is because the gray stripey mama cat decided she had enough of taking care of kitty babies and she disappeared. Or it could have been the perils of living in the country, but I prefer to think she continued the vicious cycle of teen mother abandonment after she was abandoned by her own mother at an early age. It seems like a good story of thriving through adversity. The reason I prefer to think this because I resent it for causing me to spend extra time in the morning preparing kitty baby food, then standing in the kitty pen getting bitten by bugs.

But I make them stinky food because, well look at them! They are pretty much the cutest things you ever saw, with their pretty blue eyes and giant ears. This one is just begging for someone to take it to a home nicer than its current Dogloo. A place where wonderful people will give it hugs and clean the crustiness out of its ears.

This kitty wants a home where the dog isn't favored over the cats; where the dog gets in trouble for chasing it under a pickup. Possibly a place where the driveway isn't made of gravel so it won't be disgusting after being drooled on and dragged around by the spoiled dog who gets a kick out of herding cats.

Don't worry, the cats are just as spoiled as the dog. I bribed this one into loving me again by returning it to the little kitty sanctuary where they have soft (yet incredibly stinky) cat food and friends to play with. It's a good place where spoiled dogs can't get to them unless they are foolish enough to escape through the chain links. At that point it becomes fair game for Lucy's kitty herding habit.


Glynn said...

The kitty babies are soooo cute!!! But I obviously don't need any more kitty babies, since I had irresponsible teen mother cats as well!