Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hilly California, Day 3

We spent yesterday in San Francisco proper, enjoying lots of tasty cuisine and local attractions.

First, we took the BART across the bay to the city and walked through downtown. We watched a cable car turn around (they drive onto a platform, the platform spins, and they're on their way) and did some shopping. I really enjoyed the excellent fabric store we visited. I restrained myself and only bought one notion, but there were many different lovely fabrics I would have liked to have Blondie lug around for me all day.

After our downtown shopping, we walked to Chinatown. There, Christina showed us some of her favorite shops. We tried steamed pork buns at a bustling bakery there, visited a Buddhist temple, and bought some fortune cookies at a tiny little factory down a secluded alley.

After walking up and down all of those hills, we were ready for a rest. We ate lunch at North Beach Pizza. Christina and I were stuffed, but Blondie wanted dessert so he got a raspberry puff (a raspberry turnover) at Italian French Bakery and ate it while we walked to Telegraph Hill.

There, we met Justin and walked up and down some more hills, then caught a cable car and went to the San Francisco Maritime National Monument at Fisherman's Wharf. After touring a couple of the ships and enjoying the view of Alcatraz and Coit Tower, we took a bus to the Mission.

This neighborhood has some really interesting shops. Two we visited included a pirate store and a shop full of oddities ranging from stuffed animals (of the formerly live variety) to plants and seashells.

We topped off the day at the very lively Suppenkuche where we had a very delicious German dinner. Everyone in our party tried a different dish again and all tasted bits of each other's dinner. Everything was so good! We were all very full, but we decided we could spare just a little room for dessert. Blondie, Christina, and I shared a delicious piece of Black Forest Cake.

We're headed to the Paramount Theatre today. I can't wait!