Wednesday, June 16, 2010


This is my dog, Lucy. She is a good dog--most of the time. She spends her days lounging under her favorite shade tree, waiting for C. to load her into the pickup and go for a ride.
She loves going for rides. Herding cattle is one of her favorite activities, even when she's not supposed to. Sometimes they end up chasing her, which is pretty funny. When she has too much free time, she likes to wander around in nearby pastures finding dead things to drag into the yard. I'm not sure how she finds so many cattle bones to decorate the yard with. It makes mowing particularly difficult because I refuse to actually touch the bones, but I can't mow over them. We currently have some ribs under her shade tree. They are disgusting, but bones don't move on their own, and I don't move them either.
This is what Lucy looks like when she knows she is about to go into the house. She is an excited blur. Can you see her smiling? When she comes in the house, she sits quietly on her rug until it is time to go out. She is quiet, because she knows that we will sometimes forget to send her outside for the night.
Another of her favorite activities is herding cats. The kitty babies have learned how to escape from their pen. I have found wet, sticky kittens in the yard under Lucy's shade tree on several occasions. Sunday I thought we were down to seven kitty babies until I found them quivering under the deck. This morning I caught her in the act. After she ran away in guilt, I had to coax the poor thing out from under the deck and carry the matted thing back to the pen. And while we have been missing one kitten for quite a while (which is quite a miracle, for reasons I will post later), I have no proof that Lucy was responsible for its disappearance.
Other than herding cats Lucy is the best dog ever. And you can't even really blame her for herding cats, she is a Blue Heeler, herding is in her nature.
And if you're looking for a point to this blog, there really isn't one. Just that I have a dog named Lucy who is good. That's all. Have a nice day!


Kelsie said...

I actually can tell that Lucy is smiling! I wish Titus could smile.