Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Meet the New Mrs.

I have a love/hate opinion of weddings. I hate how they get extremely blown out of proportion. I hate how they tend to bring out the selfish, crazy person out of everyone. I hate how they are so expensive. I hate how they are so stressful.

But I actually love them. I love how the couple is so cute and happy. I love the excitement and anticipation that comes before the wedding. I love how once the wedding day actually arrives everyone is happy. I especially loved the one I attended this weekend.

I got to be in my cousin, G's, wedding this weekend. First of all, I am jealous and amazed by her rehearsal. To this outsider, everything went exactly as planned. Things started on time. Everyone was where they needed to be, and no one had to ask twice for them to get in their place. Their priest did an excellent job; he knew exactly what he was doing. I love people who know what they are doing. He was a wonderful director. He was the main reason everything went so smoothly.

The wedding was so pretty! I had never been to a full Catholic wedding. I loved that G got to have a ceremony that lasted more than 15 minutes. It seems like such a waste of a wedding dress for our puny 15 minute Protestant ceremonies. Her dress was gorgeous. It needed at least an hour of stage time. And I was pretty impressed with the performance of her non-Catholic bridesmaids for not messing anything up! We stood and bowed and did all the things at the right time! You would have thought we were professionals.

The rehearsal went smoothly, the ceremony was nice, but the best part was the reception. Catholics know how to throw a party. Well, Catholics and Mama C, as G's mom is now known. Mama C was everywhere all at once, putting out food, answering questions, and generally keeping everything in order. She also looked pretty cute in her boots with her formal dress. You could tell she was planning to get some work done. Another thing that made the reception so much fun is that G has awesome friends. Her bridesmaids were a lot of fun. One of them even dragged me out on the dance floor for the "Cupid Shuffle." That is what I am attempting to do in this photo. My lovely partner had to drag me through the first part until I finally figured out that the lyrics were telling me exactly what to do next. You can see her hand hovering close to mine so she could pull me to the next step if she needed to. And she needed to. Many times. This farm girl has no rhythm. I had fun despite my lack of dancing skills. I might even considering doing it again...if she promises to be my partner again!


Carina said...

Well, you certainly look like you know what you're doing, and that's half the battle, right? =)

Glynn said...

Well if she won't be your partner again, I will. I mean I'm getting down in the background! Pretty sure I got down most of the night, and my feet prove it!