Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day

Our Memorial Day weekend was filled with exciting activities. We had a great time at both the wedding and the concert. But I think it is important to remember the real reason for Memorial Day. My family has always gone to cemeteries to decorate our family members' graves with flowers. Memorial Day was always very important to our grandma, because not only were her husband and most of her brothers veterans of World War II, but she was a nurse in the army as well. We have continued this tradition because we know she would want us to.

Typically, local VFW Posts will display flags at the headstones of veterans who are buried there. One of the cemeteries we visit acknowledges the Civil War veterans with Confederate flags. Their poor flags are wearing out. This one is being held together with hay bale twine.

I find cemeteries to be very interesting places. You often find headstones with very detailed art and descriptions of the person it represents. This one did an excellent job of telling the couple's story. It listed their children, there was a poem, and it had clip art with images of things they enjoyed doing. My two favorite parts were the planters in boot shapes, and the pictures of their dogs. I think dogs should always be listed right along with children. They are often more loyal and well behaved than actual children.

This was one of my favorites because there was obviously a story behind it. At first I thought one of the man's coffee shop buddies had left it there for him. Then when you read the cup, and had a quote about hard working women. I wish I knew these ladies' story, I'm sure it's a good one; most likely one that would make you giggle. It would definitely be an excellent blog prompt for someone out there who is more creative than I am.


Kelsie said...

Very good post! I love the pictures and hearing about your family.