Friday, June 4, 2010

Sunny California, Day 2

Yesterday we had a lovely day along the Pacific Coast and redwood forest. Blondie's uncle Justin took the day off work to spend with us and the four of us drove out to Muir Beach. We had a picnic lunch on the shore and waded in the cold water for just long enough to take some photos. Then, we took a long hike to Pirate's Cove.

It felt like it was much longer than the 1.1 miles noted on the trail marker. It was a lot of up and downhill hiking, but it was worth the walk. It was very warm yesterday, so we were thankful for the occasional slight breeze to cool us off. Pirate's Cove was very secluded; we were the only people there. It was quite a memorable place, for reasons I will share later.

After we hiked back from Pirate's Cove, we drove a little further to Muir Woods National Monument to see some of California's famous Redwoods. We enjoyed a relaxing walk through the forest and then Justin and Christina treated us to dinner a lovely little local restaurant. The Sand Dollar Restaurant at Stinson Beach had live music and delicious food. We each ordered something different: I had fish and chips, Blondie had a chicken pot pie, Christina had a mushroom polenta, and Justin had fish tacos. Everyone cleaned their plates! Christina also introduced Blondie and me to oysters. They have a unique texture, but they're really tasty.

After dinner, we drove back to San Francisco to the Exploratorium for their adults only evening event. It certainly appeared to be date night! By the time we left the museum, we were all completely exhausted (I was worn out long before that, though!) and we returned to Justin and Christina's place and crashed.

We had such a great day. The unexpectedly warm weather was nice for our picnic and hike, and we only got a little sunburned. Today we're looking forward to seeing some more of San Francisco.


Kelsie said...

You're so brave to eat an oyster. I've tried on numerous occasions and just couldn't bring myself to do it.

Carina said...

I'm with Kelsie on the oyster thing. Too...slimy, I guess.

Glad you didn't burn!