Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wedding Plans

My recent activities have revolved around wedding planning activities. Blondie and I have about three and a half months until our wedding. That's not a lot of planning time! When we got engaged, we had a tough time deciding on a wedding date. Blondie is a teacher, so we have to plan around school breaks. He would have gladly gotten married over Labor Day weekend, but that was too soon for me! Christmas break was too far away for him, so we settled on fall break.

We have been working on our guest list, which has grown substantially since we decided on a "small wedding." We're so glad we have so many people supporting us that we didn't want to have to limit the number of people we could invite to the wedding.

We have done the preliminary planning of setting the date and making sure the church was available. We have invitations and have been working on the guest list. We have two pastors lined up for the ceremony and some friends are doing the music. I've chosen a dress for myself and the bridesmaids. We have an appointment with a photographer later this week. I bought all of the flowers last weekend and Blondie's aunt and his mother are putting them together. We're having the rehearsal dinner at my parents' house and Julie is baking the cake for the reception. Surely that can't be everything! What have I forgotten?


Carina said...

A honeymoon?

Tara said...

outfits for the guys?
reception decor-table ware?
to have fun!
I'm so happy for you. Can't wait to see the pics!