Monday, July 12, 2010

Christmas in July

C. and his friend (whose whose name also inconveniently starts with C, so we'll call him C2) have always wanted a boat. We go out for lunch on Sunday after church, and on hot Summer days they stare longingly at people headed towards the lake with their shiny boats. As they haul hay and spend long hours on the tractor, they remember that hard work equals their very own shiny boat. This summer C2 finally got a boat. The boys are very excited.

One of our favorite events of the Summer is going to the local lake for their annual redneck festival called Christmas in July. It was originally created for the troops in Desert Storm who missed Christmas at home. They have lots of vendors, a lighted boat and RV contest (this is the redneck part), and fireworks over the lake. The boys have always wished to watch the fireworks from the lake instead of the shore, and this year they finally got their wish.

This idea did not sound exciting to me at all. There are always lots of boats on the lake, and only three loading docks for all of them after the fireworks end. This means long lines of impatient people who have quite possibly been partaking of beverages. But I decided to be a good sport, and I really wanted to play on the tube, so I decided it was worth a long night at the lake.

Playing on the tube was a lot of fun. This might be my favorite photo of C. of all time. It is fun to watch people fly off the tube. I'm an expert tuber. However my attempt to ski wasn't so successful--my X-Large life jacket wasn't cooperating. I'll try again when I have a more appropriately fitting life jacket that makes me feel like I'm actually securely fastened in.

I have to admit, watching the fireworks from the lake instead of from the shore was really neat. However attempting to take a photo of fireworks while sitting on a boat creates wavy photos. This is what they look like. And our wait time at the dock wasn't horrible. We were the second ones there--however if we had been there any later we would have been stuck in the awful line that we saw from the road. It was a lot of fun. I might even go back next year if C2 promises to get in the dock line early again!


Glynn said...

I wondered if ya'll went! Glad to see you had fun! I am not a fan of Christmas in July as we view it all from the land with lots of folks who have had a few too many beverages.