Thursday, July 15, 2010

Evil Flowers

This is my pretty flower. One day its vine spontaneously showed up on the side of my house. I loved it and was very proud of my new flower. And the best part is that I did absolutely NO work to make this flower grow!

My mom has the prettiest flower garden you have ever seen. She works really hard on it and actually keeps the weeds from overtaking it (such as what you would find in my flower beds). So I bragged to her about my super pretty flower that I didn't take care of, but thrives anyway. I described it to her to see what it was.

Mom is super nice, which is good because I had just finished bragging about my fancy, no-work-required flower. She said it is a Trumpet Vine, and if I let it keep climbing up my house, it could get behind the siding and push it away from the house. She sweetly suggested that I get a trellis for it so my house won't start rotting away.

But that's one of those garden tasks that requires work. So I think I'll just take it down. I suppose that's what you get when you don't work for what you have. Pretty things that are evil in disguise. I'm pretty sure there is a lesson in this. I'm just glad I learned it through flowers instead of in real life.


Kelsie said...

That is so sad! It really is a pretty flower. I wish it could have stayed!