Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I had a fun Independence Day! This is one of the holidays I get most excited about. Our parents have a big get-together at their house. My dad and I always go to a fireworks stand a few days before and blow our little budget on Artillery Shells. Every year we say, "We should keep it simple this year. We don't have to do as much as we did last year." Then we get to the fireworks stand, forget our resolution, and buy a giant box of things that will make a big bang. It's good times.

It is a favorite of our pastor's family because their two sons enjoy having a place where they can pop firecrackers outside of city limits. They have found a slab of concrete that is between two barns and a storage building that echoes quite nicely for popping Black Cats.

The ground poppers, or "Throw-Works" as I like to call them, are another of my family's favorites. This year we got the Extra Strength poppers and Lisa nearly blew my leg off with it. The photo above is Craig trying to create more carnage. You can even see smoke in the bottom, left corner of the photo. I think next year we will go back to regular strength, I'm not manly enough for the big ones!

After hot dogs, throw-works, and parachute firecrackers, it finally gets dark enough to bring out the big stuff! That is my favorite part. We finally get to light our Artillery Shells and Roman candles. It is always a challenge for the boys to see how many they can light at once. They like to line up the tubes and twist together fuses in order to create a huge explosion. I prefer to do one or two at a time to make my fireworks last. They are more about making a big bang.


Carina said...

Sounds like fun was had by all anyway, though! =)

At least your boys weren't making gigantic propane bombs. Ear shattering, really!

Julie K. said...

Oh my! That sounds awful. Please don't let your boy teach mine how to do that!