Sunday, July 11, 2010

Friday Is Date Night

On Thursday evening Blondie reminded me that Friday is date night. He asked me if I had anything in particular I would like to do. I didn't. We decided to wait until Friday to decide what we wanted to do. By Friday evening, we still didn't have plans.

It was approaching suppertime on Friday and we were getting a little snackish. That's the word Blondie uses to describe slight hunger. Some people would say peckish, but snackish makes more sense, right? Anyway, we decided to make quesadillas for supper. We made a mixture of shredded chicken, cheese, sour cream, and salsa that we smeared on some large flour tortillas with some mashed ranch beans (we didn't have any refried beans). Blondie fried the quesadillas on his griddle and I must say they were the tastiest quesadillas I have ever eaten.

Earlier in the week Blondie had retrieved Julie's old bicycle from my barn and fixed it up so I could ride it. He lives just a few blocks from me, so he often rides his bike over to my house. It's a handy mode of transportation for short distances, so he thought it might be nice for me to have a bike to ride too. Friday was the perfect day for a bike ride, so we went for a ride after supper.

After our bike ride, we came back to my house and watched The Brothers Bloom. It is a comedy about a team of brothers who make their living as con men. One brother wants to leave the life of crime, but the other convinces him to engage in one last con. The plot is predictable, but the movie was enjoyable.

Date night was a very nice spontaneous evening. If we had made plans, they wouldn't have been nearly as fun!