Monday, July 19, 2010

Fuzzy Lump

Friday was my last day of Vacation Bible School. While VBS is a good experience for the kids, pulling into the driveway was a wonderful feeling, knowing I didn't have to show kids how to do crafts again for another year.

It was a wonderful feeling until I felt something bump underneath my car. I immediately started to freak out. I ran into the house, and peeked around the corner to see something black and fuzzy laying motionless in the driveway. It was either a poor kitty-baby or one of Lucy's dead things she likes to drag into the yard. She currently has part of a cow leg that could easily be mistaken as a kitty-baby. In the grassy background I could see several sets of kitty-baby eyes staring coldly at me, angry because I had killed their sibling. Now they were surely plotting to get me back.

I hurried into the house, screaming incomprehensibly for C. to go see if I had run over a kitty-baby. After he finally understood what I was saying, he contained his laughter (he can be heartless--although I'm sure I was quite a mess) enough to go outside and look.

It as too dark to see from the porch light, so he came in to get a flashlight. Just as he was getting back outside he saw Lucy drag the fuzzy lump away--which left it as a mystery. I forced Craig to go feed the kitty-babies, in fear that they might claw my eyes out for smushing one of their own.

Yesterday, C. came to me with good news. He counted nine kitty-babies. The fuzzy lump must have been one of Lucy's dead things. I have never run over a pet, and I hope I don't for a very long time. It was traumatizing. I have told C. he has permission to lie to me if he ever finds a cat that I have run over--I really hope he keeps his end of the bargain. Now I'm just going to have to find a way to get Lucy to keep her dead things out of the driveway.


Antique Mommy said...

The very thought of running over a kitty or anything bigger than a bug makes my stomach turn. And if it were ever to be so, that would fall in the category of "Information I Don't Need To Know" which is entirely different than a lie, which sounds like a bad thing.