Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Icees, Corn Dogs, and M&Ms

I do not make a very good girly-girl. For me, shopping is not a stress-reliever. I do not feel great joy when I find the perfect pair of pants. The perfect pair of pants = relief that I finally get to go to the food court to get a cookie and and an Icee. However there are three particular types of stores that are excessively torturous. Specifically, they make me very sleepy.

I find home improvement stores to be horribly tedious. When my parents were building their house I was forced (that's right: forced, Mom had to drag me to the car and tie me down) to spend FAR too much time in Lowe's and Home Depot. Who knew there were so many different types of light fixtures or cabinet pulls? There are so many little decisions to make at home improvements that I quickly become bored. And first I want to run around like a crazy person. It would be SO much fun to roller skate through an empty Lowe's. Then we look at the five-millionth set of mini-blinds and I want to crash like a kid after a sugar high and take a nap in garden furniture section.

The second is more of a section IN a store than a type of store. I hate the flower section of stores. This applies to both real and fake flowers. Fake flowers all start to look the same to me after about five minutes and I just want to pick something pretty and fluffy and go to Sonic for a corn dog. Mom and Lisa are good gardeners. So they know the difference between an azalea and a hydrangea. They can mix and match and coordinate and make things look pretty. I just stand there, sweating in the flower tent and wonder how much longer it can take to find the "right" flowers. Then the mixture of heat and boredom makes me sleepy and I want to go take a nap in the bushes.

The last type of store is a furniture store. There are too many options at furniture stores. It pains me to wander around a furniture store for hours, where everything looks the same, before finally deciding there is nothing that matches well enough. Then we start the whole process over at the next store and come to the same conclusion. Eventually, after about fourteen hours and eleven stores, we end up with the coffee table we found at the first store. My arms start to feel like they weigh about fifty pounds apiece and my feet hardly lift off the ground! After four hours of this, it makes me sleepy and I want to go take a nap in the mattress section.

I think I have become a much better shopper than I was in junior high. I'm sure my poor mother dreaded taking me anywhere because she knew I would drag myself along, making her feel pressured to hurry. But now I know I get to stop for M&Ms and a Dr. Pepper because I'm the one driving! As you can see from this post, the highlight of shopping trips for me is snacking on the way home!


Carina said...

I agree with you 100%. I'm stupid about it though. I always think, "Yea! Shopping!" until I've been in the first store for about 10 minutes. Then I remember, wait! I hate shopping! What am I doing here?!

I'm all about the food, too.

Kelsie said...

So is it safe to say that as long as you have been shopping you will take a nap anywhere?