Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Evil Wasp

Lucy and I had a stressful Monday morning. I had the day off, so I was sitting around in my relaxy clothes, minding my own business. C. called to ask if I would run the water hose across the driveway to the cattle tank. I am a good little farm wifey, so I did as I was asked. Lucy and I unrolled the hose and dragged it across the driveway. I had the hose loosely draped in the tank when I felt a stinging on my hip. I looked down and there was a wasp! He had the nerve to sting me! It hurt really horribly, but I was in the process of being productive, so I was going to finish arranging the hose securely and then return to the house to attend to my wound.

Just as I was getting the courage to continue with my job, I felt another sting on my arm! I had seriously upset this wasp somehow! As I started to swat him away, he went in for a third time. I don't know what I did to this deserve this, but the wasp was not happy with me! Lucy just stared up at me with a confused look. She could not figure out why I was jumping around, crying and screaming like a little girl. At this point I decided to let the wasp win, and ran back to the house as quickly as I could. I called C. and informed him that I would not be returning to that part of the yard; the wasp could claim that as his territory as far as I was concerned. However I was brave enough to return outside to turn on the water. This seemed safe enough, considering the faucet is attached to the house.

When I got back inside I Googled "wasp sting" and discovered that WD-40 soothes stings. I tried it, and it works! I was amazed. It seems a little risky, but I was in pain! I needed something strong. I think it might be true that WD-40 and duct tape can repair the world!

Yesterday, I went on a jog after work, and was sad that Lucy didn't accompany me as she normally does. She didn't get up from her spot under the shade tree. Then she didn't even get up when I offered to let her in the house after I got home. She also completely ignored the cats and their food that I left out for her to freely steal. C. finally convinced her to come inside later yesterday evening (he can convince her to do anything) and we noticed that her poor little eye was swollen. Then, upon further investigation, we saw that her poor little leg was swollen even worse than her eye. We realized that Lucy wasn't giving me a pathetic look because I was acting crazy, the wasp had stung her, too! I was worried because she looked so sad and mopey. I wanted to give her Gatorade, but C. said that might not be a good idea. Then I asked if I could spray some Benadryl on her, and he also shot that idea down. He said that people remedies are probably not a good idea for a dog. We decided that she would have to make do with an full bowl of water and extra treats for the night.

This morning C. took Lucy to the vet where she got a shot and some pills to make her feel better. I hope he gave her more treats when they got home. Do you find it odd that I didn't find it necessary to drag myself to the doctor after some nasty wasp stings, but we rushed Lucy to the vet as soon as it opened the morning after we discovered she was in pain? She's a spoiled dog. But she's fully deserving of it!


BKWilliams said...

You forgot to mention that your poor arm was swollen up and the two sting sites where HUGE!I can only imagine how your hip looked! Your arm made me hurt to look at it. I feel sorry for you and Lucy.