Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Lucy will only eat two kinds of treats. She likes dental Greenies and Milkbones. Dental Greenies cost $1 each for a "petite" dog (Lucy is closer to "medium" but I'm not willing to pay more than $1 for a dog treat). Milkbones are more like $5 for a big box. For this reason, Lucy usually eats Milkbones. She only gets Greenies when they come in free samples or when I'm feeling frivolous (which is rare). I thought she deserved a Greenie today, so I made a special trip to Atwoods for her (okok, C. also needed jeans).

I think my dollar was well spent. It made her very happy. Normally she won't eat in front of me, and she hates having her photo taken. Today, she devoured her Greenie in front of me while I took her photo. I think it put her in a better mood for a little while. If she has to take lots of pills, I might invest in the bag of Greenies. You can tell by looking at her poor, swollen paw in this photo that she deserves a bag of Greenies.


BKWilliams said...

This made me laugh out loud sitting at the computer in a room by myself! How funny dental treats called Greenies??? Lucy deserved them.