Monday, August 2, 2010

Last Day of Painting (For Now)

Blondie has spent lots of time this summer painting my house. My house has been needing to be painted for a couple of years now, and Blondie stepped up to the challenge. I joked that I would not marry him until he painted my house and built me a fence. He is going to have to earn his keep!

His progress was delayed by several weeks of rain and professional committments recently, and today has been the first day he has been able to get back to work in a while. Unfortunately, it will also be the last day that he will be able to paint for a while. He's having a minor surgery tomorrow and will then be recovering until he returns to school on August 10. Painting will be intermittent after that.

He sent me an email this morning that said, I am painting very intensely today. It is a good thing I have Yogi there to help me." His message was accompanied by a few photos. Here is one, taken from the scaffolding:

 This picture made me smile. I'm pretty sure Yogi is not much help, but he's probably good company!