Wednesday, August 18, 2010

More Shopping Carts

Yesterday I wrote about my frustration with people abandoning shopping carts in store parking lots. This is pretty annoying, but I neglected to mention the other frustrations associated with shopping carts.

My mom reminded me how incredibly irritating it can be when you have grabbed a cart with a clunky wheel that rattles the whole time you're shopping. Unfortunately, you usually don't realize how bad it is until you're too far away from the door for it to be worth the effort of going back and switching carts. Once you've put some items in your cart, it's too late. You're stuck with the clunky wheel.

Then there are the carts that shock you as you push them throughout the store. This has been a recent development, and it's quite a pain. When you don't hold the plastic part of the handle, the static buildup from the metal cart shocks your hands!

What are your biggest shopping pet peeves?


Mary Kay is Geneva Designs said...

Abandoned shopping carts never bothered me before, and I must admit, I was often guilty of abandonment. Then I started working at BabiesRUs and did cart recoup. In hot summer. In cold winter. In rain, wind and snow. Now we grab one when we go in, hopefully giving someone who's on 'cart duty' a little less work at the end of their shift :-)

Brenda said...

I agree with the shopping cart issues. Another shopping cart thing that annoys me is when someone leaves something in the cart like a flyer or other trash. Shopping in general the most annoying thing is when I am in a hurry and only have an item or two and go to the express lane to find the person in front of me with a cart full of items. Another thing is to get in the line where they have had to call a manager to fix something and the manager is no where to be found.
The biggest shopping pet peeve to me is asking a clerk where to find an item and being told they do not carry that item. Then go around the next corner and find it myself. I have been known to go get that very clerk and take them and show them where the item was that they did not carry! GRRRRRRR

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