Thursday, August 12, 2010

Recipe Binder

I have lots of pretty cookbooks. They have wonderful, magnificient recipes. However, for the most part I am too lazy to attempt many of the recipes in these books. I prefer to go online to Tasty Kitchen or Pillsbury and print the recipes. It's much easier than digging through a book. As you can see, I have acquired a pile of recipes that has stacked up and become tacky over time.

So I came up with a solution! I found a cute little polka-dotted binder and some plastic cover sheets to organize my recipes. Now when I want to make something, I can just take the plastic sheet out and magnet it to my [lovely] metal cabinets. It's super handy.

I even got matching dividers--which I later found out was pointless because you can't even see them between the recipes. But that's ok! Because I know they match, and that's all that matters!

Now my paper recipes aren't tacky anymore! They have a handy little system that hopefully requires very little maintenance!


Kendra said...

I developed a binder system a few months ago and love it! I enjoy collecting cookbooks but rarely use them for anything except decoration due to either in-depth recipes or ingredients that my family would never eat.c

Glynn said...

I am too lazy to put mine in a binder yet! I have every intention to put them in a binder at some point but right now they have a heavenly home in front of my cookbooks in my china cabinet (that holds no china :).