Monday, August 30, 2010

Redneck Fun

Sunday afternoon, my friends and I were standing around after church trying to figure out the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon. there were eight of us, which is too many for a good ride on the boat. You would think this would leave few other options when you consider where we live. C came up with the best plan: put on some old shorts and t-shirts and go splash around in the river.

Remember, that we live in dry western Oklahoma. A day at the river for us is like a day at the creek for most people in wet areas. We spent the most time in a spot that was only about a foot deep. We had a great time in the river! It seems completely crazy and redneck, but I always have the best time when it's just a silly afternoon with my friends.

And our afternoon was plenty silly. One of the couples has just moved to this area, and they found this gem in one of their barns. We aren't exactly sure what type of creature it is supposed to be. Some suggestions were a moose, reindeer, a dragon (it has a funky tail), and possibly even a giraffe. And yes, it was present for the entire trip, though it didn't provide any actual assistance with floatation.

Lucy even waded with us. C thought it was about time for her to have a bath, and a river is as good of a place for a dog bath as any! She even helped some of the group chase a giant fish around (I quickly hopped on a tube and floated away as quickly as I could!). She loves to splash in the water.

Any time "city people" come here, they ask what we do for fun. They can't possibly imagine that there are entertaining things to do here. I think it is far more fun to be a "country kid" than a "city kid." Our possibilities are unlimited! If we can come up with an idea and a plan, it can usually be done. And if it can't be done, we always have a lot of fun at our failures. In the city you are limited to to the entertainment that is provided to you. It doesn't take any imagination to go to movie or a bowling alley. However I would guess that putting on a kiddie moose floatie and splashing down the river is a rare occurrence in this world! I'm hoping that it will happen more often in our part of the river!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like GREAT fun!! Wish I was ____ years younger!

Anonymous said...

That was me - just trying to figure how this works. :-)

Bonnie said...

BTW, I'd call this a not-so-lame adventure.

Glynn said...

Looks like lots of fun!!! I love the moose/deer/dragon floatie!