Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Adventures With Lucy

Lucy and I are fairly well-set into our jogging habit. It's a pretty good way to kill thirty minutes after work. And Lucy really enjoys a good opportunity to sniff things outside of her yard.

Last week we set off on a perfectly sunny day for our jog. We had safely gone 1 1/2 miles and were about 3/4 of a mile away from home when the wind started to blow. It wasn't just a regular Oklahoma wind either. It was like a storm without the rain (there was even a tiny bit of lightning). You could feel the cold front come in and dirt was hanging in the air.

Lucy and I stood there and considered our options. We have a friend that lives pretty close to where I was--definitely an easy jog. I could go knock on her door and beg for shelter. Since the dust storm wasn't really scary, mostly just inconvenient and uncomfortable, my other option was just to be brave and try to get home as quickly as I could.

I didn't even have a chance to weigh my options before my hero in a maroon Chevy pulled up behind me. One of our neighbors saw the storm heading in (I'm not sure how--it must be that veteran farmer's eye for storm clouds) and decided to get off his tractor and head home. He was driving past the corner and saw me standing there in a cloud of dust. We loaded Lucy in the back of the pickup and he dropped us off by the door.

I'm so glad to live in a small town where neighbors act neighborly and help each other. They will even let you load your dog up in the back of their pickup so she won't have to walk home in the storm alone. That would be sad and lonely and she would probably hate me forever if I abandoned her in a storm.

When I got home I took a photo of the dust storm. You can see my friend's house along the horizon. I was a little past it in the other direction when the dust starting flying. I was picking dirt out of my ears for days after that. That maroon Chevy was a welcome sight!


Glynn @ AReelLady said...

Well your "gym" makes for an entertaining workout!

Lilibeth said...

I love the picture of the dust storm. We saw it blowing in too, from the backyard, and felt that it would surely bring rain, but alas, it didn't. The wind and the clouds were amazing however. I'm with you on the neighbor thing. It's great to live in a small community.

BKWilliams said...

Lucy should be a little more cautious hanging out with you! First you take her to the hornets nest and she gets stung. This time a dust storm. (LOL) Poor baby. That is when you know that you have the best most loyal friend in the world...Lucy is wonderful! I am glad she is there to protect you.