Monday, September 13, 2010

Blondie's Big Surprise

I have been planning a very special surprise for Blondie for quite a while! Back in the spring when we were attending basketball games out of town, we would try to find things to do in the towns where we went to watch games. One of the towns where several of the games were held is a town I visit frequently for work and I knew they had a music store Blondie would enjoy. The first time we went there, Blondie found a very special guitar that he loved to play. We visited the store a couple times together, and Blondie even went once by himself to play that guitar. It was too expensive for him to even consider buying, but he did like it enough that he always asked to play it when we went there.

That is why I decided it would make the perfect wedding gift for him. I couldn't remember exactly how much it cost, but I figured I could swing it. I went to the store one day with lots of hundred dollar bills in my purse and found that the number of hundred dollars in my purse and the number of hundred dollars on the price tag were pretty far apart. I knew the employee I was talking to didn't have the power to negotiate that much, but I asked him what he thought the bottom dollar price would be, and he gave me a ballpark figure. I decided I would have to bring more money next time.

Then, I had a better idea. Blondie's parents wanted to get him something very special as a wedding gift, so I asked them if they would like to help me give him this special guitar. This definitely qualified in the "special" category. This guitar is a one-of-a-kind piece made by Breedlove for an industry conference in 2009. It is a Revival Series OM Deluxe with a Redwood top and Ziricote back and sides. Blondie's parents liked the idea, and his brother also chipped in, so the next time I went to the store, I had more hundred dollar bills.

I needed to make a trip to this town for work, so when I scheduled my trip, I called the music store to make sure the owner would be there to talk to me. I called several times and never could reach him, but was repeatedly assured that he would be there. Fortunately, when I went in that day, he was there! We talked about the guitar and agreed on a price, which was even a little less than I was prepared to pay. It felt good to be able to give Blondie's parents some of their money back. I felt like I was being a good steward of their resources...well, as good of a steward as one can be when spending hundred dollar bills on frivolous musical instruments.

We planned the big surprise very carefully. We let Blondie think it was his idea to invite the whole family over for dinner on Saturday night. His dad traditionally creates a scavenger hunt for gifts, so he wrote some very clever riddles which led Blondie to his new guitar. Blondie acted very annoyed that we had set him up with this silly scavenger hunt, but he secretly loved it. He finally found his fancy new guitar in his new computer/music room, which I had recently painted just for him.

I had been planning to let him find the guitar in there all along, so I had asked him not to look in that room until I was finished painting. I told him I wanted it to be a surprise. I figured he would be really surprised when he found a new guitar in addition to the new paint job. He didn't know that I had actually finished with the project a few days before, so he wasn't sure if he was allowed to go in there!

I was relieved that no one spilled the beans about the surprise before it happened and we were actually able to pull it off! He says he loves the guitar, which makes me very happy. He told me he was really glad we had given it to him now, rather than 25 years from now, because it will "season" over time and aged guitars sound better than new ones.


Kendra said...

what a special gift before the big day! you can tell how happy he is! that is awesome