Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cutest Food EVER

I'm the first one to make fun of the blogs that do step-by-step instructions on how to cook things. You can see here, that I generally think these are very silly. However these little pies are worth looking silly. They are so stinkin' easy! And even more stinkin' adorable! And you need to go buy some pie crusts today so you can make some, too! My favorite part of them is that the fanciest piece of kitchen equipment you need is a muffin pan. I'm sure you could be fancier if you wanted, but I tend to like to take the easy route.

You start by punching circles out of a pre-made pie crust. As you can see here, I'm not cool enough to own a round cookie cutter, so I used a plastic cup. My plastic cup turned out to be the perfect size to fit into my muffin pan.

If you're resourceful, you should be able to get six circles out of one pie crust. You have to use the scraps to patch parts, but you can do it! I'm too cheap to buy extra pie crusts. I punched little fork holes in the section that would go face-down in the muffin pan. Pie crust bubbles scare me. I go to great efforts to prevent them.

Next, you squish the pie crusts into the pan, then go crazy punching holes all over the crusts, even on the sides. This prevents bubbles. And I am fully against anything that limits space for pie filling. For the sake of all things yummy, please poke lots of holes in your pie crusts!

Don't they already look perfect and adorable when they are just out of the oven. But wait! It gets better!

They flip out of the pan just perfectly. But the cuteness hasn't ended!

Don't you wish you could eat a mini pie crust right now? They are pretty much the cutest thing I have ever made. And this includes all those sickeningly adorable Mother's Day cards we made in elementary school.

I filled my mini pie crusts with delicious chocolate pie. Mini pie crusts look even more adorable when you surround them with mini things. Such as my adorable little Fiesta fruit bowl, or a little chunk of a Hershey bar.

I can't wait to experiment with my mini pie crusts. Pumpkin pies might be next. And then possibly chicken pot pie. You could even use them for a little taco salad! I need more muffin pans!


Carina said...

My family loved them! You should've seen the looks on the kids faces when I walked in with them on Saturday.

areellady said...

You are very crafty Julie! Love them!!!

BKWilliams said...

One muffin pan full would be enough for the office??? Lemon, banana, pecan, butterscotch, cherry, blueberry, oh my there is no limit!!!

Kelsie said...

I'm glad I could help convince you they were worth trying! And you're right... there is no way to describe but "Stinkin'" amazing!

Mary at Deep South Dish said...

Oh my goodness I am LMBO at your other "step by step" post LOL!! I do a few step pictures and some tutorials but I do think that some bloggers get a bit too carried away with it. I mean I don't think people need to see a picture showing every single measurement of every single dad-gum ingredient or step for pete's sake??!! Anyway, I love little mini desserts. I always think that'll give me some built in portion control but then I remember who I am. :)

Love your Fiesta bowl!

Anonymous said...

What a neat idea! Perfect for parties, snacks and potlucks. Thanks for sharing.