Friday, September 3, 2010

Evil Tortillas

C. is a volunteer firefighter, and went to two fires Tuesday. This caused him to get home pretty late, so I wanted to make something quick for supper. Quesadillas! Last time I bought groceries I was very excited to find tortillas for 69 cents.

Warning: don't buy tortillas for 69 cents. Specifically, don't buy these tortillas at all.

You will end up becoming quickly frustrated with your inability to separate a single tortilla from the stack.

You might even throw a hissy fit and tortillas could end up on the floor. Your husband will come in the door and laugh at you because there are tortillas in the floor instead of in a pan.

The tortillas that do not get thrown in the floor will end up in the trash.

You will eventually have to throw the floor tortillas in the trash and get the Dust Buster out for the crumbs. But it is incredibly satisfying to throw the deformed tortillas in the floor as you are doing it.

Eventually, you might be able to separate one that is good enough to make a delicious, cheesy quesadilla. You will be so excited about the cheesy goodness that you can't stand still long enough to take a clear photo. Not that most people take photos of their quesadillas.

Sadly, since you were only able to wrangle one tortilla out of the stack, your husband will have to eat chicken nuggets and Fritos instead.

One thing that aways comes through: Dr. Pepper. It will never disappoint you. It will never refuse you its sweet deliciousness. It is always kind. It is always good.

The moral of this story is this: Just because a package of tortillas is 69 cents does not make it a good deal. I basically spent 69 cents on one tortilla (the rest really did end up in the trash). Next time I'm blowing an extra 50 cents on the name brand tortillas. Maybe I will get more than one tortilla out of that package! There will be quesadillas for everyone!


Carina said...

I hate it when tortillas do that too! I need to ask my Hispanic friends if there's some secret to separating them. If I find out, I'll let you know.=)

BKWilliams said...

I found out the hard way that this also happens to tortillas that are brought home from the restaurant in a to go container. The only way to save them is slip waxed paper between them as soon as you get home.
Getting home with an entire package of tortillas stuck together OMG...I wonder if they could have been wrapped in a paper towel and warmed in the microwave?
Oh well, I would have reacted the same way you did!

Kelsie said...

You can never go wrong with Dr. Pepper or throwing the object of your frustrations in the floor. Both are very soothing to the soul!