Monday, September 20, 2010

Pre-Wedding Festivities

This has been a very busy couple of weeks! Last Saturday, we had the guitar shenanigans with Blondie and then on Sunday there was a pot-luck lunch and shower in our honor at his church. This weekend Julie and Sarah had a personal shower and luncheon for me at Julie's house, then on Sunday there was a shower for Blondie and me at my church. The following is a photographic timeline of the past couple weeks' events.

Blondie's new guitar:

On the same day as Blondie received his guitar, his family thought I should get a present too. Blondie and I will actually both use it, but they must have known he would nave never picked out paisley bedding! His parents gave us this lovely brown and turquoise paisley comforter set and his siblings gave us the pillows and curtains to go with the bedding:

This is the two of us at one of our wedding showers:

Some of our favorite gifts included an engraved Bible from my parents:

A very attractively wrapped Fiesta place setting from Julie. We registered for various colors of Fiesta dinnerware and so far we have received several pieces: Scarlet from Blondie's grandma, Tangerine from Julie, Sunflower from my boss, Shamrock from my parents, and Cobalt from my granny.

A handy tool set from Blondie's grandpa:

A handmade doily from Blondie's grandma:

A very sweet scrapbook of our California Adventure from Carina:

Men are invited to the pot luck showers at Blondie's church. I'm pretty sure they would rather eat a bologna sandwich at home than have to sit through a shower, but they're good sports. Here's a photo of two of Blondie's uncles, and his cousin Art, wondering when the festivities will draw to a close.

This Saturday Julie and Sarah hosted a very sweet personal shower and luncheon for me at Julie's house. Here's a picture of the cute decorations they used for the tables. Julie's house is perfect for an event like this. She rearranged her living room to make room for several card tables and it looked super cute.

Here are my friends playing one of the fun games Sarah created. She used wedding-related words to create game cards to replace the regular Apples-to-Apples cards, then we used the actual Apples-to-Apples cards to match up. I got to choose the card I thought best related to the wedding card and the first player to collect seven wedding cards won. It was lots of fun!

Here's a photo of me with my gifts before they were opened. I can't post an after picture here. I wouldn't be embarrassed, but some of the party guests might be! I received some very tasteful honeymoon attire...and some not so tasteful items as well.

All of these pre-wedding festivities have been so much fun and I would like to thank everyone who has played a part in making all of these events so memorable!


BKWilliams said...

Thank you for sharing all these happy events. I must say you are just glowing in these photos and blondie looks like the happiest guy on the planet.
I really want to comment on photo #5 the package from Julie! Everyone needs to check out that the pattern on the paper is PERFECTLY matched. You have the most awesome sister!

anewphelps said...

The bedding looks so good in your room! (sorry the curtains are kinda too sheer). I have had a great couple weeks celebrating your upcoming wedding! Looking forward to October. :)