Thursday, September 30, 2010

Selling Season

Did you know that there is a "season" for schools and organizations to sell stuff? At least this is a theory I have recently created. Sunday at Church I bought tickets to a spaghetti supper to support a local high school band, then I ordered about $40 worth of Blue and Gold sausage products to support choir (I think--it also could have been FFA, which makes more sense). Yesterday at the football game I bought tickets to a hamburger fry supporting a local Christian elementary school. I'm not sure when the 4H bean supper takes place, but I'm expecting a knock on my door for that one, too.

The hamburger fry salesgirl was my favorite so far. I would guess that she is about a fifth grader, and had curly, blond pigtails. You can't say no to a fifth grader with curly, blond pigtails. She had also practiced her speech. She came up to us, told us who she is (don't worry, I already knew her, I'm sure she knows about stranger danger), where she goes to school, what she is selling, what it cost, and what it supports. It was a very good speech. It met all my requirements for buying stuff.

I have stringent requirements for buying stuff:

  1. You have to come to me. Sorry, I don't go around tapping on shoulders, anxiously awaiting my turn to buy an overpriced candle. The only exception to this rule is Blue and Gold sausage (however my Blue and Gold salesgirl followed my rules), assorted Gold Discount Cards, and Girl Scout cookies. I very much appreciate having all of those items.
  2. You have to tell me why you are trying to sell me stuff. I want to know what it is, what I'm supporting, and how much it costs.
  3. Being cute helps, but isn't an absolute requirement. It will probably supplement any deficiencies in other areas. But there is an age limit on cute. Cute will only get you through elementary school, then you're on your own!

If you meet these requirements, I will buy just about anything. It's just a good thing I live in the middle of nowhere, because I'm a sucker when it comes to little kids trying to sell stuff. I remember having to pedal my bicycle door-to-door and I absolutely hated it. I have sympathy for the poor things who are stuck doing it now. And who am I kidding? I'm a huge pushover. You could probably break all of my rules and still convince me to buy something. But don't try right now! I ran out of checks after the hamburger fry. New ones should be delivered in approximately 10 days.

Oh! And if you live in this area, are the type to tap on shoulders to buy stuff, and actually want to buy any of the stuff I mentioned, let me know. All of the girls who sold me stuff are great girls, and fully deserving of a referral. I will send them your way!


Carina said...

I'm a sucker for cute kids selling stuff too. I just feel so bad for them if I have to tell them, "no", so I pretty much don't. Part of it is empathy from my own door-to-door sales experience in childhood. I hate selling things now because of it.

BKWilliams said...

I am lucky enough to have entered the school selling season via the internet! I have received a couple of internet school fund raising invitations so far this year. I like them because I can look at the products when I want and not have the pressure of the cute young salesperson watching me. I also think this is a much safer way for the children to be selling and not having to go door-to-door.