Thursday, September 2, 2010


September is shaping up to be a busy month! It is September 2 and I have already seen three new clients. That's pretty unusual. One of my clients is really fun, though! He's from New Zealand and I just like listening to him talk. That works out fine, because he's pretty chatty. Yesterday as he left my office, he called me "mate." I'm pretty sure that means we're friends, right? According to Blondie's wise and well traveled aunt, though, it just means he acknowledges that I'm not an inanimate object. Whatever. We're buddies. I just know it.

This weekend my cousin has organized a fantastic family picnic for the entire extended family. She's such a kind soul. Trying to organize our family to do anything is like trying to herd cats. She sent out an email to the entire group, asking people to "reply all" with the item they planned to contribute to the picnic so everyone would receive it and know what had already been offered. Easy, right? One would think so.

I'm the worst of them all. I thought, "I'll be really nice and email her and tell her that I can just bring whatever no one else volunteers to bring." Unfortunately, that's what everyone else does, which results in no one volunteering to bring anything! We just wait for someone else to make a decision so we don't have to. Not cool. So, I told her I would bring some baked beans and drinks.

In other news, the wedding invitations are going out today! Over the past week I have written all of the addresses, I double checked my list, and I probably still forgot someone. Yesterday I sealed and stamped all of the envelopes and today I'm taking them to the post office. It's a big deal. I did not use fancy stamps on the wedding invitations. I had a whole roll of regular old American flag stamps and I used those instead. I decided that no one cares if their invitation arrives stamped with LOVE. If you do care, you probably have way too much free time and you should have come and helped me write addresses and seal envelopes.


Glynn said...

I used forever stamps. Because mom had a whole lot of them. They are really ugly for reference LOL, but the postal system doesn't care!

Glynn said...

And I'm very glad you offered baked beans and drinks!!!! I like when someone else takes charge too!