Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Winner: Cookie Dough!

I'm a little embarrassed to admit that the cookie dough claimed victory over jogging last night. But I'm not too embarrassed, considering it wasn't exactly a fair battle. You have to take a bite of cookie dough when it summons you from the refrigerator. Well, actually you have to dig out an entire chunk and sit in front of the tv in your underwear watching Cake Wars while you eat your chunk of cookie dough. I'm pretty sure you can even give it the credit for curing my Monday Headache.

The football game was a bit of a dud. The only points the home team scored were for the opposite team. Yup, that's right, a poor kid ran the wrong direction. It was a super good play, though! The ball bounced out of the other team's hands, little #7 caught it, and ran for the end zone. Unfortunately he should have ran the other way. And to give him credit, it's not like that was the play that lost the game. Three little points (at least I think that's what they get for a "safety") weren't going to make a difference in a game with a score of 32-0.

And who really cares about a football game when you get a delicious concession stand cheeseburger and brownie? That was the best part. Now I'm hungry for a concession stand cheeseburger. I wonder when the next game is...


BKWilliams said...

You need to tell us the details of the 5K run. When, where, etc. I am not crazy about cookie dough, but I LOVE concession burgers! Yum.

Did you see the lemon cake on