Wednesday, October 27, 2010

13 Items, 8 Bags

The purpose of this blog post is to showcase the inefficient bagging technique of the Wal Mart cashier who served me today. I purchased 13 items, and he used eight bags; 10 if you count the produce bags my lettuce and bananas were in.

I could not quite figure out his style. Why does the lettuce get its own bag, but the bananas don't? Could he not put two packages of chips in one bag? Did he think the pickles would contaminate the milk? I admired that he put two boxes of granola bars, the aluminum foil, and the hair gel all in the same bag. That makes sense. But do the Cheerios really need a bag of their own?

P.S. I know I bought a lot of junk food. Don't hate. I can assure you, those Cool Ranch Doritos are not for me. Yuck!


Kendra said...

genius. what I love is when I separate my refrigerated items, boxes, bags, produce and cans and yet they will reach across and grab a can to go in a bag with chips. really??? even when I tell them to bag it like I have it arranged they won't. and I am the one who, after I have paid, will stand at the bags and rearrange.

Anita said...

Oh Lisa that drives me crazy!! But when you get someone who does know how, it's so nice! Thanks for stopping by and entering the Mikasa giveaway!! Not long to go now!