Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bird Interruption

I forgot to bring my book to work with me yesterday. This meant that I had to kill an hour because I can't stand spending my lunch hour at my desk. It reminds me too much of work. So I decided to have lunch at Sonic, where I could spend my hour in uninterrupted peace.
Unfortunately, my peace was interrupted. A bird decided to join me for lunch. I hate birds. They are creepy, and flea-y, and bouncy, and fluttery (in a bad way). They are just icky.
This bird happily hopped all over the menu board, completely distracting me from my corn dog and forcing my to roll up my window in fear of him diving through to really freak me out. I cracked the window a tiny little bit just to take a photo.
I cut my time at Sonic short and headed to Stage, where I found no peace, no good deals, no cute shoes, and no birds.
After the bird incident, remembering to bring my book was not a problem this morning.


A Reel Lady said...

Birds creep me out!!!! Severely bad.

BKWilliams said...

I think places like the Sonic need to hang those swinging owls or something up to keep the birds away. I hate the bird poop everywhere! I loved this post though, because it made me laugh. The bird in Kelsie's house made me laugh too. At least I know to never give you girls a bird as a gift....LOL

Kelsie said...

I really wish you could have been there to witness my bird experience. Not for the horrible bird part, but to see me swinging my broom around like a crazy person.