Monday, October 4, 2010


Blondie decided a while back that sometime before he moves in we would need to get my carpets steam cleaned to eradicate every last trace of my precious/filthy cat. I found a guy who does steam cleaning and scheduled an appointment. Fortunately, he was able to come the day I left for San Antonio so I wouldn't be there when the carpet was drying. However, that meant we needed to move all of the furniture sometime before that. No problem. Except we don't have any free time!

We needed to move everything--and I mean everything--from the smallest end tables to my two-ton entertainment center so the steam cleaning guy could get to every nook and cranny. Thankfully, Blondie's dad came to help us move the heavy stuff the first time and I was so proud of them for not breaking anything!

We moved everything on a Thursday because in the next few days our schedule was packed: homecoming football game on Friday, personal shower and luncheon on Saturday, shower at church on Sunday, then leaving for San Antonio on Monday. The next weekend I was just returning from San Antonio on Saturday and I honestly can't remember what I did on Sunday because there's nothing written on my calendar. Maybe I slept.

The initial move was two weeks ago! Blondie and I (and his brother) just moved all of my furniture back to its proper locations yesterday after living with everything stacked in the dining room for two weeks. We didn't really intend for all of the furniture to remain piled in a huge mess for that long; we just didn't have time to move it back!

I'm so glad everything is back to normal! Stuff is no longer stacked precariously at risk of being knocked over as I stumble through the house in the dark, feeling my way around things that aren't where they belong.