Friday, October 29, 2010


Yesterday afternoon we got a whim to dress up for Halloween at work. Fridays are a good day for a little silliness. I had a busy evening planned yesterday, and none of it involved going to a store to get costume supplies. My choices were a fisherman, because I already had most of the accessories from my costume a few years ago; a firefighter, because I could steal everything from C.; or a farmer, because I could steal everything from C's toolbox. I decided it wouldn't be any fun to be a fisherman, since I had already done that, and it seemed like a safety hazard to take firefighting supplies out of a fire station (probably illegal, too). I decided on a farmer, because that was easiest!

This is the stuff I came up with. They are all essential farmer supplies. I already owned the Carhartt jacket. It is quite wonderful and cozy. C. is too cool to have a cap with a mesh back, so I settled for his non-air conditioned John Deere hat.

I stole an ear tag from his stash. I am apparently heifer #119, however I didn't think the whole world needed to know C's full name and phone number so I flipped it to the boring side. Another essential item is fence insulators. For all of you non-farmy people, that would be the two funky shaped yellow things on the right side of the photo. They are the handy little gadget that holds a wire on a fence post.

I was surprised C. let me leave the house with the next two things, because they actually are essential to his everyday work. However because they are so very essential, I'm pretty sure he has at least a few backups of each item. A good pair of leather work gloves are very handy to have. I put this pair on for an office photo and immediately after the photo I had to go wash the grimyness out of my fingernails. C. also sent me with his favorite pair of John Deere pliers. These are his "good" pliers, so I'm being very careful with them! It would be a tragedy if I lost them!

I am fully prepared to go tag a cow or build fence after work. I probably need to return the parts of my costume to their spots quickly after I get home or else C. might put me to work!