Saturday, October 2, 2010

The "New" Boat!

On a spring break trip to my best friend's grandparents house long, long ago, N. and I got to go go for a ride on her grandparents' boat. Despite it being horribly cold and windy, we had a great time and vowed that we would someday be "lake trash" and spend all of our free time in a boat on the lake.

Fast forward quite a few years, while C. and I were dating, and he would always declare how Sunday afternoon would be so much better if we had a boat. We have both wanted a boat for a very long time. But boats have always been very expensive, and pretty much a huge waste of money.

C. always thoroughly scours the local free classifieds, searching for good deals. He rarely finds any, until a few months ago when he saw an ad for a boat in a town nearby. He decided that this was his chance to spend his future Summer Sunday afternoons at the lake. It's not fancy, but it floats! And that's the main requirement for a boat. It needed a few minor repairs, and after what feels like ages, the boat was finally lake-ready this week. Sadly, it was the last day in September, the beginning of Fall, and just a bit too chilly for the average person to spend an evening at the lake.

C. decided that it would just be just disgraceful to park the boat in the barn, forcing it to wait through three entire seasons before taking it out and playing in the water. And not only would it be disgraceful to leave the boat in the barn, but we had been waiting years to finally have a boat.

We decided to be tough, put on a sweatshirt, and take our boat out on the water. In order to put a boat in the lake, you need two handy people: one to back the boat trailer into the water and one to drive the boat off the trailer. I am handy in neither of these activities, so we brought a friend who was incredibly helpful in acquiring this boat. And he needed to go to the lake, since his super awesome wife bought him a pair of water skis for his birthday earlier in the month. That's right, he had intentions to actually get in the water.

We had so much fun driving the boat around the lake for the first time. Our friend even managed to stand up on his water skis on his first try! I was very impressed with his skiing skills. When C. saw how much fun he was having, he decided to take a try, too. All we had was a camera phone, but we even have proof that the boys were in the water.

They decided they want to go back this weekend so they can say that they went water skiing in October. We had so much fun at the lake. I'm already looking forward to next Summer. I plan to be at the lake as much as possible!


BKWilliams said...

YEAH HOW EXCITING!!:) I am so glad you two are enjoying the new boat and having fun on the lake. Next spring buy sunscreen by the gallon. LOL
NOTE: This is reason 999 to NOT have children before you reach your mid 30's!!:)ENJOY LIFE!