Monday, October 25, 2010


Fortunately, Blondie is feeling a lot better today. I left him in bed this morning with two phones by his side, a bottle of Gatorade, a cup of Jell-O, and a package of crackers. I told him that I would call at 9:00. I called about 9:15 and he was up because he knew I was going to call and he was getting ready to eat some oatmeal.

I called again at lunchtime and he was up playing computer games. I told him to eat some of the soup I had left for him in the fridge. I slaved over the can opener for a good 30 seconds and I didn't want my efforts to be in vain.

Yesterday in a moment of lucid conversation, I told him that I had made him two batches of Jell-O, but his mom would have done that and made homemade chicken soup. I felt bad. But then I looked at my house. It's semi clean. Still not completely recovered from the wedding festivities, but I accomplished a lot yesterday afternoon in the time it would have taken to make homemade soup. I didn't feel so bad anymore. Until he told me that not only would his mom have made him soup and hovered over him all afternoon, she would have also taken him to the ER. I guess a good wife would have loved him enough to seek legitimate medical treatment.

I kindly reminded him that the results would have been the same had I taken him to the ER. Except he would have had to sit on a hard chair in the cold ER for three hours before a doctor saw him and prescribed the same Phenergan I gave him after I tucked him into his comfy couch and handed him the remote and forced liquids all day. Maybe I should charge extra for my superior customer service. Do you think his insurance would cover that?


Kendra said...

men! I seriously would rather be sick as a dog and still be responsible for watching the kids over my husband being sick any day of the week. It is pure torture. I am glad you both are feeling better!