Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wedding Cakes

Since Julie is practically an expert cake decorator, we had planned for her to make the cake for my wedding. However, after we realized how much other stuff there would be to do that day, we decided it would probably be better if someone else made the fancy cake.

I have a friend from work who has made several birthday cakes for her kids as a hobby, but had never done any "professional" cake decorating. I thought that if she can create a cake shaped like Yoda, she could probably handle a simple, three-layer wedding cake. She is nervous, but I am confident her cake will be beautiful.

Julie and I did make all of the sheet cakes for the wedding reception. The cake Tiffany is making won't serve all of our guests, so we are going to have sheet cakes to be served after the fancy cake runs out. I baked 20 cakes on Saturday! I started baking cakes at about 8:00 am, then after her race, Julie came over to frost them. We finished by about 5:30. It was a long day, but we accomplished a lot! We used 20 cake mixes, 5 dozen eggs, 48 ounces of canola oil, four cups of Crisco, eight sticks of butter, six cups of cocoa, eight teaspoons of vanilla, 32 cups of powdered sugar, and however much milk it took to achieve the right frosting consistency.

I baked two cakes at a time I had already had several done when Julie arrived, so once she got there, they were ready to be frosted. According to Julie's cake decorating teacher, if you remove a cake from the oven and immediately put it in the freezer, it will be moister. I cleared out enough space in my kitchen freezer to store two cakes, so they went straight from the oven to the freezer. Then, after they cooled a bit, I dumped them out onto cake boards and moved them to the big freezer in the garage.

We had a pretty nifty assembly line going. My mixer was set up on the bar for mixing up the cake batter, and Julie's was set up in the corner for mixing frosting. Julie made the first batch of frosting while I mixed cake batter. Then, she got to work frosting the cakes I had stored in the freezer.

After all of the cakes were baked, I started helping Julie frost cakes. I would smear the frosting on to get them covered, then she would smooth it out and make them look presentable. We didn't ruin any, so we have 20 frosted cakes ready to be served at the wedding! Of course, neither of us has enough freezer space to store 20 cakes, so there are eight stored in my freezer, eight stored in Julie's freezer, and four stored in our mom's freezer.

I have decided I don't ever want to work in a bakery. It's a lot of work. Baking cakes isn't really all that bad, but mixing up all of that frosting is a huge mess! However, my house did smell very lovely for a couple of days, and every time you opened the refrigerator, you would get a little whiff of the chocolate cakes stored in the freezer next to it.