Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wedding Decorations and Roadkill

I took off work today and tomorrow to give me plenty of time to get all of the decorating done for the wedding at a stress-free pace. Unfortunately, my plans got changed just slightly.

Yesterday afternoon I found out that there will be a funeral at the church tomorrow morning, with a luncheon for the family afterward. I had originally planned to get most of the decorating done today so we could just put on the finishing touches and relax tomorrow, but no such luck. As it turns out, we will have approximately three hours to decorate before the rehearsal is scheduled to begin. I have a feeling we might be coming back to the church after the rehearsal dinner to finish up.

I'm willing to work around the funeral; there's not much that could be done about it, after all. I'm just thankful that it was no one in either of our families who passed away. To make things go more smoothly tomorrow, Julie and I took most of the wedding stuff to the church today and stored it there so it would be ready when we are able to start working.

On our way to and from the church, we met the truck that paints lines on the highways. The church is only a few blocks from my house, so we encountered it several times. On one of our trips, we saw that the truck had brilliantly painted over roadkill. I couldn't pass up the photo opportunity:

I hope to have some less disgusting photos to post next week!

In addition to carting all of the wedding paraphernalia to the church today, we went to town to get some things at Wal Mart and run some other errands. I got to pick up Blondie's ring from the jeweler and I had my ring cleaned so it will sparkle at the wedding on Saturday. The fact that Blondie will actually be living at my house has finally settled in. Today at Wal Mart, I bought Cheerios and raisins. Those are two things I would never purchase for myself.