Monday, November 29, 2010

Cables Not Included

This weekend I ventured out to a Walmart on Black Friday for the FIRST TIME in my life ever. I had plans to be a super awesome youth group leader and get some Wii games for $7. Since I am not willing to get up early on a day off, I made it to Walmart around 9:00. Unfortunately, the games had been on sale since midnight and the good ones were sold out. The trip wasn't a complete waste though, because we didn't have a printer and they had them on sale for $20! So I found my printer and headed to the checkout.

Later, when I was trying to install my printer, I noticed the cable that attaches the printer to the computer was missing. I called the customer support, and while I was on hold I read the instructions a little more closely. It said that I might have to purchase the cable separately! I decided this was a great injustice. I thought that if I was persistent enough, they might send me a cable anyway.

I talked to a lady from a foreign country and asked why they don't send all of the necessary cables with new printers. How am I supposed to print documents from my computer when I can't connect my printer to my computer? She said that I should use the cable from my old printer to hook up the new printer. I told her that I didn't have an old printer, therefore I had no cable and was stuck with a printer that didn't work. She repeated the line about using the old cable. It was clear that she had no idea what I was saying. I told her that I would be returning the printer unless they would send me a cable. She seemed satisfied with that solution (I wasn't) and asked if there was anything else she could help me with today. YES! There is! Send me all the appropriate cables to make your product work! But I had given up by that point and just told her no and hung up. I'm sure I really showed her by not saying thank you. It is not in my nature to leave off a thank you. I think it actually hurt me worse than it hurt her.

It is my opinion that I shouldn't have to buy extra parts when I have already bought a new piece of computer equipment. I should be able to unpack a product from a box and be able to set it up without having to buy additional supplies. I am fully aware that the required cable will cost less than $10, but I refuse to be scammed into spending extra money. Boxes always inform you when batteries are not included, I think they should be labeled when cables are not included as well!


BKWilliams said...

Just to make you feel better...I bought a computer bundle (computer, monitor, 3 in 1 printer) and there was no cable to connect the printer to the computer. The bundle all sold together, all arrived packaged together still required me to go to "the super store" and purchase the cable....grrrrrrrrr!