Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bake Sale!

I stayed very busy last week! Our youth group is redecorating! We are trying to make a fun space for them to hang out so they will want to come to church. It's good when teens want to come to church! We already got a fancy tv and a Wii, now we are working on getting some furniture and accessories to go with it! We decided that a bake sale would be a good way to raise money for our cause!

We had sooooo much stuff! The other youth group leader and I did a lot of baking!

There were New Year's Cookies! And homemade bread!

And pie!

I made tons of cupcakes. 120 to be exact. I also made 18 loaves of pumpkin bread, 27 Rice Krispie Treats, 24 Corn Flake treats, 24 brownies, 48 peanut clusters, and two gallons of puppy chow. And ya know what's amazing? That wasn't even close to everything. Church ladies are the best. You mention that you need donations, and they give you so much you don't have room for it all! Homemade bread is hard work! And did you see the pecan pie? We have the best church ladies!
And I have to give C. a lot of credit. After squirting icing on about two cupcakes, my hand hurt and I threw a hissy fit. He iced a lot of cupcakes. And I still wouldn't give him free pumpkin bread.


Lilibeth said...

We certainly enjoyed the fresh rolls we bought at your sale.