Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Cookie Exchange

It has become a tradition with some of the ladies in my church to have a Christmas Cookie Exchange early in December. I host the party at my house and make lots of dainty snacks, Karola makes her special cheese fondue, and all of the guests bring several batches of cookies to share with each other. This year I invited some ladies from Blondie's church, so we had a diverse group.

First, Karola gave a sweet devotional on how we should seek Jesus first. Then, we ate our dainty snacks and played a fun game. Finally, we got to the good stuff--the cookies!

This year, cake mix cookies were very popular! I think three ladies brought three different variations. Karola and I stuck with our tried and true standbys from last year. She made German Vanillekipferl, known to English speakers as Almond Crescents, and I made Snickerdoodles. They're Blondie's and my favorite cookies and I rarely take the time to make them, so this was a good special occasion for them.

Last year when we had fondue, Karola tried to be healthy and use a low fat cheese, but we ended up with a very stretchy fondue because it didn't melt! It was unexpected, but still fun. This year she had perfected her recipe and the cheese was creamy, as it is supposed to be. Here are Teresa, Carina, and Karola getting ready for the party.

Here are Carina, Brooke, and Mandi enjoying the fondue and other snacks. Brooke is not a fan of cheese, so she did not partake. We offered to pray over her in hopes of curing her sickness of cheese aversion, but she declined.

After we ate, we played a Christmas version of Apples to Apples. Like Sarah did for my bridal shower this summer, I used Christmas-related words to create game cards to replace the regular Apples-to-Apples cards, then we used the actual Apples-to-Apples cards to match up. There was lots of laughing, so I think everyone had fun!

Mandi is concentrating very hard on the game:

Here are just some of the cookies different people brought. Some went all out and packaged theirs in cute Christmas bags or tins, others just used Ziploc bags. I had some cute penguin snack bags leftover from another event, and after I used them I realized why they were leftover. When I twisted the tops of the bags to close them, the penguins' heads got all smashed, so my cute little penguins look decapitated. Oh well, the cookies still tasted good.

Here is everyone choosing the cookies they wanted to take home:

Carina and Karla with their loot:

Julie's basket was one of the few that was actually big enough to hold all of the cookies she acquired!

My basket wasn't quite big enough! The best part about having the party at my house: I got to keep all of the leftover cookies! Some people made more cookies than there were guests, so there were a couple of cookie packages left on my coffee table after people left. Score!


Chandelle said...

Looks like a marvelous time!

Lilibeth said...

Oh my, what an adventurous map you have on your wall!

Carina said...

We had a great time, and learned way too much about each other, I think! My family was so excited about the cookie array!

fondue said...

I love throwing fondue dinner! For me, fondue time is always a great time! Whether it's with your family or with friends. You always end the night with smile on your face. No wonder, I have collected quite a number of fondue recipes and fondue sets already!