Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Tour of Homes

I did all of my Christmas decorating the first weekend of December because I had a Christmas cookie exchange here the following week and I wanted the house to look festive for the party. Blondie and I merged our two Christmas ornament collections and we decked the halls...well, at least the dining room, with our hodgepodge of Christmas finery.

I put the Christmas tree in that corner because there isn't a good place to put it in the living room, and in that corner there are two windows that show it off really well at night.

This pretty table runner was one of our favorite wedding gifts. It was handmade and given to us by one of Blondie's mother's cousins. I've had the crystal bowl for years, and for the Christmas season I filled it up with pine cones from the tree in the front yard. Festive and free!

Here's where we hung our stockings this year! These stockings match the table runner and are plenty big for lots of good treats. I love that they are personalized...and they reveal the mystery of Blondie's real name! Julie and Sarah bought the clear crystal goblets to use as decorations for my shower and gave them to me afterward because neither of them could think of anything they would do with them, but they knew they were just my style. I have used them more than once! This little basket is where we keep all of the Christmas cards we have received. You can see Julie and C.'s card on the top of the stack.

This is my sewing machine table, which is right next to the front door. I love these red goblets that I received from a friend years ago. They're perfect for Christmas. I received the red candle and evergreen centerpiece as a door prize at a luncheon at church this year where the ladies bid farewell to a beloved friend who is moving soon. I got to keep the centerpiece from my table and I will always think of her when I see it. If you can't see the Santa Claus photo, it is of Julie and me when we were little. Our mom gave each of us one of these for Christmas one year and she also has one on her sewing machine.

That's the Christmas tour of our humble abode. Other than using festive towels in the kitchen and burning evergreen and cider scented candles throughout the house, I don't bother to decorate the other rooms since no one ever sees them. I do love having guests, though, so if you know me in person and you're free some evening, stop by for some apple cider or hot cocoa!

I'm participating in the Nester's Christmas Tour of Homes. Follow the link below to see other Christmas houses!


Mary at Deep South Dish said...

Wow, looks very nice!! Would you come do my house please? :)

On that "Ting a Ling" candy - I know some folks have renamed them, but that's the name they were originally from back in the 1950s when they were first made using Wheaties. They've been around quite awhile.

Thanks for stopping by to visit. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!!